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Quality is central to everything we do. Through the quality of our people, works, reports, communication and friendly professional nature, we are a company focused on providing value for money in everything we do.

We hold a range of technical, safety and environmental accreditations which help us demonstrate our commitment to high standards in all areas. We are also active members in our trade association, which allows us to be fully involved in new developments, innovations and legislative changes.

Our dedicated Quality Manager works with a team of in house quality personnel and external auditors to ensure we learn every lesson and deliver best practice on every job.

We never stop learning and improving, and this attitude has allowed us to retain our clients for many years, achieving customer ratings of 90-100% in key areas such as; knowledge, helpfulness and communication.


Free from links to contractors, Riverside guarantees total independence with every single project we undertake. Our focus is to offer you effective, pragmatic solutions built on absolute integrity, and this is only possible through our lack of any commercial bias. Every recommendation we make simply combines our objective approach with a specialist, in-depth understanding of the most appropriate route for individual scenarios. This way, we remain free to focus on the best solution; the one that puts your needs and safety first.


Riverside is built on the strength of our people. Since 2002, we’ve carefully grown our team of 70 with skilled, experienced professionals who were proud to represent us and are confident our clients will want to work with. Everyone at Riverside continuously develops professionally and grows within our inclusive, hands-on environment. This ensures we retain a highly consistent and trusted team. Projects are never seen as ͚jobs to tick off a list; we all recognise that finding the right solution is fundamental to our clients operations. Backing up our personal, accountable approach, every project we undertake is supported with regular updates, detailed data and reporting to aid progression, clarity and record-keeping.

Protecting People

No matter the project, client or deadline, protecting people, and ensuring they feel protected, is always our priority. This includes everyone on site, protecting their safety, health and productivity. Since our inception we have worked with some of the UK’s largest and most complex clients. This colourful experience has allowed us to fine-tune and perfect every aspect of our service that has the potential to impact on individuals. Bolstering this is the fact that we never use subcontractors or agency staff for our services. Our own team shares our values, so were able to trust they will always prioritise protection and give you total reassurance, even in the most challenging situations.

Honest & Responsive Service

Whatever your location, our nationwide coverage means we can reach you, whenever you need us there. While some requirements can be scheduled in advance, sometimes a short deadline or unexpected requirement needs urgent attention, so we are structured to respond. Particularly when our involvement is unplanned, we understand that budgets can feel restrictive. We work with this, always focusing on delivering the best value for your budget while maintaining the very high standards Riverside is known for.

Staff Training

We understand that our strength is in our people, for that reason we invest in training and development to ensure each person is competent to complete any task to which they are assigned.

Competence to us means providing enough time and support for them to develop the right combination of training, skills, experience and knowledge to carry out their role effectively.

We do not rush competence, our staff have completed training with nationally recognised providers and have gained substantial experience before they are authorised to complete work themselves.

Our authorisation model ensures people are gradually signed off for specific work types, to specific levels of complexity and within each specific working environment as competence allows.

We have received a number of industry awards for our training paths and review all authorised staff routinely to ensure that standards are maintained throughout their time with us.

Our people provide knowledge and experience you can trust.

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