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Public Buildings
Sector: Local Authority

Riverside provide Legionella consultancy to the public buildings of local council authorities.

Our Role

Our role is to advise and assist the Council in fulfilling their responsibilities to control the risk from Legionella in their properties.

Our role includes: Legionella risk assessment, Legionella monitoring, Legionella sampling and Legionella consultancy assistance.

We understand that public buildings require special consideration and so we train all our operatives so they are risk aware, professional and friendly at all times.

Our Solution

Following a number of initial discussions with the Council to discuss the best way for them to control Legionella in their properties and a stringent approval process we have been awarded the role of Legionella control consultants.

Our service to the Council has been a full review of how the properties are managed, tenanted and controlled.

This review has led to a staged process of additional training for site staff and management, risk assessment of all properties, designing and implementing a suitable record keeping system and sampling the systems.

We continue to work with the Council as they provide safe community facilities in the most economically advantageous form.

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  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Legionella Sampling
  • Legionella Training
  • Legionella Consultancy
  • Legionella Log Books
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