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Independent UKAS accredited asbestos surveys carried out nationwide

We provide independent and UKAS accredited asbestos surveys nationwide. Our surveyors are BOHS trained and have a broad experience of buildings and clients. Our service is fully compliant with HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide.

On 29th January 2010 the HSE released HSG 264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide. This document expands on and replaces MDHS 100. The document is aimed at those conducting Surveys, those who commission surveys and those with specific responsibilities for managing asbestos in accordance with Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012.

Our surveyors can provide the asbestos survey reports you need to manage the asbestos containing materials in your buildings. Through normal occupancy, building refurbishment and building demolition we can give you the information you need for good quality, safe asbestos management.

Management Survey

This survey is required to locate asbestos containing materials which could be damaged or disturbed during normal building occupancy or standard maintenance tasks. Previously known as a type 1 or type 2 asbestos surveys.

Refurbishment Survey

This survey is required prior to refurbishment works and is intrusive into the fabric of your building. Surveys of this type can be completed in specific areas due for refurbishment. i.e. One floor of a multi-storey building. Previously known as a type 3 asbestos surveys.

Demolition Survey

This survey is required prior to the demolition of a building and is fully intrusive into the fabric of the building to be demolished. Previously known as a type 3 asbestos surveys.

Re-Inspection Survey

If asbestos containing materials have been found in your building there is a responsibility to regularly monitor the condition of them. This re-inspection ensures that any materials deteriorating are managed according to the increase in the risk they present.

Asbestos Survey Report:

  • Executive Summary - Which provides the main findings of the report.
  • Introduction - Describes the scope of works, site, exclusions, etc.
  • Included Areas - Detailed description of all areas included in the scope of the survey including non asbestos materials used in construction.
  • Inaccessible Areas - Any areas agreed as excluded are detailed along with those we were unable to access after exhausting all avenues.
  • Survey Summary Table - Summary of all ACMs found on site.
  • Sample Photosheets - Photograph of suspected ACMs, analysis result and assessment scores.
  • Appendixes - Details of techniques, caveats and notes.
  • Bulk Analysis Certificate - All sample results including asbestos type and not detected results.
  • Site Drawings - AutoCAD plan drawings of all surveyed areas including details of sample locations and results from analysis.

Electronic Data Collection

Electronic Data Collection

Riverside collect information on site using a tried and tested system that provides a reliable and efficient method of reporting.

We took a great deal of time in selecting a system that does not compromise the high standards we work to on site and when reporting.

This system enables us to provide an innovative and cost effective solution to our clients including portal access 24/7.

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“...surveyors and analysts have provided a professional and reliable service on each occasion…reports are clear and well presented…I am happy to recommend Riverside...” Building Surveyor – University of Oxford

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