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Independent Legionella risk assessment and Legionella monitoring consultancy.


Legionella Compliance

HSE publish revised legionella ACoP L8 and new guidance documents (HSG274)

Legionella is a risk for almost all water systems found within buildings and must be effectively controlled in accordance with ACoP L8 (fourth edition) under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

If you manage any water system within a building you need to have a risk assessment and some good control measures in place. We can help you achieve this. 

We offer independent advice that you can trust. Our legionella consultants give you helpful solutions with no commercial bias. This means cost effective compliance from a reliable source.

We are registered with the Legionella Control Association an organisation setup to ensure the quality of those providing Legionella risk management services.

We can help you with the full process starting with a risk assessment for legionella, continuing with legionella monitoring of the performance of each system and providing legionella training for all those responsible for controlling Legionella. Our service ensures that you are completely compliant and have minimised the risk, whilst carefully managing budgets and operational challenges.

Legionella Risk Assessment

ACoP L8 (fourth edition) legionella risk assessment of all types of water systems in accordance with BS8580:2010 'Water quality – Risk assessments for Legionella control' and ACoP L8.

Our legionella risk assessors are highly trained and experienced with a focus on our clients needs.

The contents of our Legionella risk assessments are shown at the bottom of this page.

Legionella Sampling

Legionella testing provides an additional level of legionella risk management which is in-line with industry best practices. A legionella test sample would be taken in accordance with BS 7592:2008 'Sampling for Legionella bacteria in water systems'.

All our samples are analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory with results reported with recommendations and full technical backup.

Legionella Monitoring

Legionella monitoring service provided to large and small property stocks to ensure compliance with ACoP L8 (Fourth Edition) and HSG274.

We work to meet your need. We can carry out all the required monitoring tasks or partner with you providing training for the simple routine monitoring and carry out inspections every six months.

Legionella Awareness Training

Theory presentation and practical demonstration of the risk from legionella and monitoring tasks required. More Information >



Legionella Risk Assessment Report:

  • Executive Summary - Providing a simple easy summary of the system and general performance.
  • Introduction - Introduction to the risk from legionella
  • Site Description - Basic summary of the site and facilities
  • System Condition Survey - Reports on all main system components (tanks, water heaters, etc.)
  • Asset Findings - List of all water assets and condition
  • Management - Report on management systems in place to take responsibility for the risk from legionella
  • Recommendations - Non-generic sensible recommendations made to assist you to achieve compliance and effective control.
  • Photographs - Photographs are taken and indexed to show major items
  • Schematic Diagram - Computer generated illustration of all water systems
  • Monitoring Programme - Full detailed recommended monitoring plan based upon the findings of the risk assessment
  • Glossary of Terms - All the industry jargon explained
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“...surveyors and analysts have provided a professional and reliable service on each occasion…reports are clear and well presented…I am happy to recommend Riverside...” Building Surveyor – University of Oxford

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